The Board of Directors

EWB’s Board of Directors is made up of today’s top thinkers in systemic innovation and international development.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of elite minds and leading representatives from the fields of systemic innovation and international development. The Board of Directors directly oversee the Executive Team and approve our organization’s strategic and operational plans, annual budgets and financial reports.

The Board participate in establishing EWB’s strategic direction and priorities, and recommend matters requiring consideration to EWB General Members at our Annual General Meeting each January.

The Board of Directors is generally responsible for:

  • Exercising fiduciary responsibilities.
  • CEO / Executive management issues (recruitment, evaluation, termination and mentoring);
  • Board Succession.
  • Upholding, and when necessary reshaping, the mission and bylaws.
  • Protecting the organization from external threats.
  • Ensuring the organization is in compliance with laws and regulations.

The board participates in establishing strategic direction and priorities and further approves any:

  • Strategic plans.
  • Operational plans.
  • Annual budgets.
  • Quarterly and annual financial reports.
  • Committees Terms of Reference, Chairs, and Members.

Finally, the Board may recommend to the General Membership on matters requiring member consideration.

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