Annual Report

Setting New Standards of Normal

We are thrilled to launch EWB’s 2018 Annual Report.

Over the past year, EWB has placed a strong emphasis on collective action, investing in the talent of engineers, data analysts, social scientists, academics, business leaders and policy advocates to better our understanding of how to address root causes of social and economic realities. This year, the Annual Report speaks to EWB’s continued effort to nurture young talent and leadership, advance policy decisions, spearhead innovations, and set New Standards of Normal to build a future where everyone has access to the opportunities they need to thrive.

The stories in this report highlight some of the impact that took place as EWBers— across disciplines, geographies and sectors—critically examined social and economic systems and tested themselves to inspire change. Over 19 years, our experiences have shown us transformative impact occurs when it happens at the institutional level, individual level and everything in between.

The milestones we reached in 2018 are not about writing history but steps toward defining a future with new standards of normal. None of this would be possible without our supporters and partners like Global Affairs Canada, Aeroplan (now Air Canada), Professional Engineers Ontario and Ontario Society of Professional Engineers.

With everything that was achieved in 2018, we are energized to realize our plans for 2019!

Download EWB’s 2018 Annual Report. 

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