Evolving engineering

Evolving Engineering

Unlocking the higher potential of the engineering profession to contribute to society.

The engineering profession has a unique and vital role to play in ensuring we move towards the world we want to see—one with more universal equality, sustainability and wellbeing. The reason is engineers play a key role in shaping the relationship between technology and society, which will have massive implications on all aspects of humanity.

Technology holds the potential to drive economic development, tackle the sustainable development goals and grand challenges of the 21st century, and even enhance our very humanity through increased connectivity and higher creativity.

For the engineering profession to live up to its full potential and guide this relationship, we believe engineers will have to develop new skills and expand their understanding. Through increased socio-technological expertise, the engineering community can enact more impactful leadership.

What is the higher potential that we mention for the engineering profession? A global movement of engineers leveraging deep technological understanding in collaboration with diverse leaders to anticipate challenges, frame opportunities to benefit society, and deliver solutions.

As the relationship between technology and society continues to evolve, we must continuously evolve engineering to ensure we live up to our potential.

Our portfolio currently consists of a number of initiatives targeted at fostering the evolution of engineering:






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The approach.

Our approach is to foster a global movement focused on updating the purpose of the engineering profession to create greater social impact.

We will create a movement for change through regularly convening with leading personnel, community members, and organizational bodies from the engineering profession to determine industry-wide challenges and opportunities for growth.

In order to catalyze this movement and create seismic change within Canada’s 600,000 person engineering community, we adopt a broad and multi-layered approach.

Evolving Engineering initiatives are:

To challenge the fundamental structure and models that govern the behaviour of any system, we target key leverage points on a wide spectrum.

From high-level industry developments in the private sector, to young and bright-eyed engineering students – the approach to sparking evolution must be comprehensive and cater to every touchpoint of our professional ecosystem.

Drawing on our 15-plus years’ experience working with pioneering engineers and a global network of key personnel from within the industry, Evolving Engineering initiatives take action in close consultation and deep partnership with other organizations.

This ensures we work ‘with’ rather than ‘on’ the engineering profession.

As a profession, if we fail to engage in activities that truly risk failure, we are simply ‘colouring within the lines’ of the existing system.

Without experimentation, innovation, and exploration of new ways of doing, thinking, and creating, the engineering profession cannot achieve the transformative nature of the change that is required.

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