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What We Do

We ignite positive change and empower people to tackle global poverty.

Our approach to creating change is systemic. We work to unlock opportunities at multiple levels, engaging with political figures, university students, African entrepreneurs, and the entire Canadian population. Every action is governed by a refusal to accept the status quo, and a steadfast commitment to tackling the root causes of poverty through continuous learning and action.

We develop leaders by investing in people. We spark innovative businesses and support entrepreneurs by investing in startup ventures. We create policy and institutional changes that influence corporate and government practices to improve global living conditions and access to basic needs by advocating for change.

Investing in People

We identify, encourage, and equip talented leaders to lift the collective prospects of our planet. Through the Engineers Without Borders Fellowship programs, community initiatives, and events, we foster a widespread network of change-makers: from all around the world and from every walk of life.

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Investing in Ventures

We partner with innovative businesses to push the boundaries of what is possible for products and services in Sub-Saharan Africa. The EWB Ventures program makes foundational and early-stage investments of up to $100,000 in first-of-kind scalable social enterprises with the potential to benefit millions of people living in poverty.

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Advocating for Change

Our advocacy work is driven by the need for a critical mass of mobilized and informed Canadian citizens and politicians. We strive to achieve a vision of Canada as a global leader in international development policies and investments, based on a foundation of knowledgeable, supportive citizens and politicians. We speak out with a powerful and informed collective voice, advocating for change in the policies and practices that perpetuate global inequality.

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