Health, Safety & Wellness

EWB is committed to creating a safe and enabling environment to learn, work and innovate, for its staff, fellows and volunteers wherever we work and connect.

EWB Health, Safety and Wellness Policies help maintain good governance. The policies highlight the system and processes in place to address unwelcomed behaviour that contradicts EWB values with appropriate and reasonable action. These policies are to protect the health and wellbeing of everyone who works for and with EWB.

If you have any questions about our policies or governance, please send us an email at

Sexual Misconduct & Sexual Assault Policy

EWB values dignity, respect and equality for all individuals. We strive to foster an atmosphere of healthy attitudes and behaviours towards sexuality, sex and gender roles. EWB strives to create and maintain a healthy and safe working environment.

The EWB community includes employees, fellows, chapter members, board members and contractors. We expect all interpersonal relationships and interactions—especially those of an intimate nature—are based on mutual respect, open communication and clear consent. When learning of conduct or behaviour that may not meet these standards, members are expected to take an active role in upholding this policy and promoting the dignity of all individuals.

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Whistleblower Policy

We believe that we each have a role to play in upholding the highest standards of ethical behaviours for anyone involved in the organization. Our Whistleblower Policy is intended to encourage and enable employees and others to raise serious concerns internally so that EWB can address and correct inappropriate conduct and actions.

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EWB frequently updates its policies and procedures to better enable staff, fellows and volunteers. Together, we aspire to build a community of trust, accountability and mutual respect.

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