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Campaigning for a more effective approach to development, aid, and policy.

Imagine a world where Canadians and Africans work in partnership to develop innovative ideas, technologies, and businesses to create new jobs in sustainable industries, improve social wellbeing, and address the root causes of poverty and inequality.

Imagine young leaders coming together to advocate for policies and resources that transform people’s lives and create more sustainable and inclusive economic systems.

That world is already here.

Through our social impact investing and fellowship programs, EWB provides financial resources, capacity building and human resources to social entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa. This collaboration builds partnerships that are creating jobs and addressing social issues using technology and innovation.

Our policy and advocacy work supports these young leaders by ensuring that Canada’s resources, policies and institutions provide effective, sustainable international assistance, catalyze new public and private sector resources, and support social entrepreneurs and leaders in sub-Saharan Africa. We bring a community of young Canadians, civil society organizations, policy makers, donors and supporters together to exercise our rights as citizens, engage in democratic processes, and influence our country’s global impact.

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For years, our network of thousands of passionate and highly skilled advocates has challenged Canada to become a better global citizen. Thanks to ongoing campaign efforts, tens of thousands of Canadians have an increased knowledge of global issues and rallied their voices to drive positive change. Together, we have successfully campaigned for numerous measures to make aid more effective.

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