Advocating for Change

Campaigning for a more effective approach to development, aid, and policy.

Imagine the countries, institutions, and people of Canada and Africa working together—a coordinated partnership designed to unlock potential and accelerate sustainable global development for all.

Canada’s national support can be better provisioned to move developing countries beyond an ongoing reliance on aid. By sparking long-term self-sufficiency and independence, we can play a critical role in ending extreme poverty both in Africa and around the world.

To realize this vision, our advocacy work focuses on reforming Canada’s development assistance, building awareness and engaging with key stakeholders: political leaders, the engineering community, and the general public.

As a result, our advocacy is driven by the need for a critical mass of informed Canadian citizens, engineering professionals, and politicians. It’s a tiered method designed to ignite systemic change, and we adopt a comprehensive and multi-layered approach to reach these varied audiences.


For years, our network of thousands of passionate and highly skilled advocates has challenged Canada to become a better global citizen. Thanks to ongoing campaign efforts, tens of thousands of Canadians have an increased knowledge of global issues and rallied their voices to drive positive change. Together, we have successfully campaigned for numerous measures to make aid more effective.

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Pivot is a training methodology that empowers employees with skills to develop ideas for social impact innovations within businesses. The ultimate goal is to create benefits for both the individual’s company and community, while simultaneously spurring personal and professional growth.

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Fair Trade

The Fair Trade model enables everyday consumers to make significant contributions towards eradicating poverty. Fair Trade products ensure that some of the most disadvantaged producers in the world have access to global markets, creating the means for long-term investment, improved labor standards, and more sustainable community development overall.

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Evolving Engineering

Evolving Engineering is a portfolio of initiatives designed to address key issues within the engineering community and enhance the role of the profession. At present, billions of people are hampered by troubled or overwrought systems. By transforming the profession that can remedy the design flaws within these systems, we can achieve a world that better serves the global population.

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