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    Role: Venture and Investment Manager – Remote Work Opportunity Location: Nairobi, Kenya Position: Full-time permanent Who We Are   EWB exists to create a world where everyone has the opportunity and the agency to live a life of meaning and value. We cannot accept that today this opportunity is determined by someone’s place of birth. We seek to support socially transformative enterprises that have the potential to alter the structure or dynamics of a sector/industry, creating more inclusive business models that can give agency and opportunity for large numbers of underserved people in Sub Saharan Africa. Because of the importance of gender equality as a foundation for inclusive and sustainable development, we take a gender lens to our work. We seek to support indigenous owners and diverse teams as they bring personal experience and are uniquely positioned to build sustainable and disruptive businesses in Africa. We focus our support at the founding, pre-seed and seed stages of those enterprises – as such, we focus our support as much on the social entrepreneur themselves as we do on the transformative idea they have. We provide leadership development support, facilitate access to a strong and reliable pro-bono talent pool and on rare occasions and only when we are truly catalytic, we make highly selective equity and quasi-equity capital investments. Specifically, EWB’s investment model offers the following to each of our partners: Talent placement: We recruit, train and place highly-skilled talent right into the management teams of our ventures on targeted capacity development missions shaped and determined by the founders/teams. This takes place virtually and is a global program. Pre-seed and seed capital when we are a founding investor and/or truly catalytic for our ventures, offering mostly equity and quasi-equity. Ongoing portfolio management: We are usually observers on our partners Boards of directors and spare […]

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We recognize that formal role postings can sometimes be limiting, so we also encourage you to send an unsolicited application. The intention is to allow you to express interest in joining EWB in the near term (within the next 2 years) and pitch us on your dream role – both from the standpoint of your own growth and how you’d like to contribute to EWB without having to wait and hope for the right specific role posting. Reach out to us at

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