The Global Engineering Initiative

The Global Engineering Initiative is changing tomorrow’s engineering profession, by reframing the role of the engineer for today’s university students.

Since 2014, we have offered a co-curricular certification in tandem with Canadian engineering post-secondary schools.

We aim to connect role models who have gone above and beyond to develop critical 21st century global engineering skills, and highlight them to inspire others to do the same.

We believe that developing these skills within young engineers is critical to seeing the practical implementation of ethical and sustainable best practices in industry: now and well into the future.

The Global Engineering certification assesses for competence in:

  • Awareness of globalization and its impact on engineering practice.
  • Ability to explore complex social issues.
  • Capacity to perform leadership roles in interdisciplinary work environments.
  • Ability to apply technical skills in a global context.

The development of these skills will add value to private industry and society by reducing the need for on-the-job training for new graduates in professional skills and best practices associated with triple bottom line approaches.

Our goal is to see 10% of all Canadian engineering graduates complete their education with this certificate. As a result, tomorrow’s crop of engineers will enter the profession equipped to drive positive impact in economic, social and environmental engineering practice.

  1. Work with us to get your university signed on to provide the certificate.
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  1. We are looking for professional volunteers with global engineering experience interested in becoming accredited reviewers. Contact us for more information.
  2. We are always open to opportunities to collaborate. Get in touch for more information.

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