Members of Parliament Respond to Hello 2030

We did it! Over 50 young leaders from across Canada met with MPs at this year’s Day of Action in Ottawa to share the results of our Hello 2030 campaign and to call on them to take action to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.

In total, almost 10,000 people signed up to say that, together, we can build a world of equality, sustainability and prosperity for all by 2030.

Throughout the campaign, EWB’s chapters organized almost 200 events and activities across the country, from shoreline cleanups to conferences, paint nights to hockey games. And boy, did they get a turnout!

From our recent Nanos poll, we know this is no coincidence. Our polling data showed that more than 50 percent of Canadians say a federal party’s stance on international aid and development will be important or somewhat important to how they cast their vote in this year’s federal election.

MPs heard these results, watched our Hello 2030 video, and responded to some of the ideas we shared in our last blog post! The lunch reception buzzed with engaging conversations, tough questions, and forward-looking suggestions on what more Canada can do to create a world without poverty and inequality.

At a time when many countries around to world are divided, erecting walls, and focusing on themselves while excluding others, the Hello 2030 campaign and supporters shared an inclusive vision for a shared global future – and received a warm response from policymakers.

The three MP co-hosts from each major political party recognized that sustainable development is an issue that all parties are committed to even if their approaches vary, and that youth are shaping the political agenda – they are not just leaders of the future, they are leaders of today. They spoke passionately about the importance of youth leadership and civic engagement, encouraging delegates to be fearless in sharing their ideas.

As we move closer to the federal election on October 21, we know that Canada’s MPs heard the voices of Hello 2030 supporters loud and clear.  And while the campaign is winding down, that momentum won’t end here. Hello 2030 will live on in the hands of supporters.

Stay tuned for the launch of our next campaign this summer as we enable Canadians to take their Hello 2030 pledge forward and to champion international development in the election period!

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