Youth leaders are taking Hello 2030 to Ottawa!

Every year, EWB Canada hosts a Day of Action on Parliament Hill in May. It’s an incredible opportunity for ambitious young Canadians from across the country come together and take part in 2 days of leadership and advocacy training, then talk directly with Members of Parliament about issues that matter.

This year, over 50 young leaders from across Canada will call on our elected representatives to do more to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and say Hello 2030 to a more equal, sustainable and prosperous world for all!

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Since we launched the Hello 2030 campaign in September, we have gathered almost 10,000 sign-ups, inspired local actions for global good in dozens of communities, and started a national conversation on how to achieve lasting change.

When asked in an email survey how Canada and Canadians can make the Hello 2030 vision a reality, supporters said:

“I think Canada needs to be at the absolute forefront and leading the way for a more equal, sustainable, and prosperous world. We need to lead by example and to do that, we really need to serious about the SDGs – inform every single Canadian about them and start taking measurable action.”

“I think we really need to get people to push hard on our representatives. If we can mobilize enough people to call them out for inaction, then maybe they would start acting in our best interest. Unfortunately, to make change, we kind of have to get them on board, as hard as it may be.”

“Canada needs to use its position as a widely respected and well-liked country to take the lead on the world stage and show other countries the way.”

“Invest in long-term solutions to end poverty within Canada and abroad.”

“Shrink the wealth gap – develop new forms of income distribution (e.g. basic income & reduced job hours) other than the traditional job.”

“Working to decrease inequities in Canada especially in Indigenous groups and for people with disabilities.”

“Divest from fossil fuels and invest massively in green energy, food security, and Indigenous rights.”

“Act on climate change. Support sustainable development work, especially energy and mitigation of pollution. Support clean water access for people in Canada.”

“I believe it starts at the consumer level. If people are willing to make sustainable and lasting change in their lives then it becomes that much easier to ask our representatives to do the same. It’s about setting an example or precedent so that we have concrete evidence that this works. I feel like Canada is portrayed as a leader in the SDGs across the world but as a country, we could be doing so much more.”

“Do your part. Teach our youth. Role model. Learn about our lands, parks, wildlife and people – our history. Don’t make the same mistakes as we (and the government) made in the past.”

“Everyone needs to take action, even if it’s a small one.”

“Get involved in politics, sign petitions, social media, emails & letter writing.”

“Activism like protesting, signing petitions, canvassing etc. And voting!

“By doing things that demonstrate Canadians understand what the SDGs are and how important it is to achieve them. To be honest, until I started working in climate action earlier this year, SDGs were not on my radar, despite spending many years working in health, mental health, social justice and gender equity. Maybe we need to continue to raise the profile of the SDGs?”

“Demonstrate leadership locally and exercise global citizenship.”

“Canadians can show leadership by encouraging a welcoming and open atmosphere. This would bring upon curiosity amongst the community, and it would invite people to learn more about the great causes that we are working towards. Not only are we a wonderful community looking to change the world, but we are also a loving community that is looking to guide those that are equally capable of sharing their voice.”

This campaign has generated so many great ideas, connections, and actions across the country! We have heard you – it’s time for policy and decision-makers in Ottawa to hear from you too. That’s why young Canadians are going to take these ideas and more – all from Hello 2030 supporters – directly to MPs through this year’s Day of Action from May 4-6!

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This event also marks a transition point in the Hello 2030 campaign. We wanted to raise awareness and support for the SDGs, and we did. We wanted to build a community of like-minded changemakers working to build a better world for all, and we have. And, we wanted to hear how we can best take this momentum forward, and we have put plans in place to do so. The Hello 2030 campaign will live on in the hands of its supporters.

EWB will report back on our Day of Action in May, then stay tuned for the launch of our next campaign over the summer! From what we’ve heard from Hello 2030 supporters, you want to take direct, political action by signing petitions, writing to your representatives, and offering policy solutions. Our next campaign will help you to do this in lead-up to the federal election on October 21!

But, to help make this all possible, take one more action to build the world you want to see in 2030 chip in $10 to support the 50 young leaders who are taking the Hello 2030 campaign to MPs this May.

Small actions taken together add up. Together, we can build a more equal, sustainable and prosperous world for all by 2030.

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