Pivot enables organizations to meaningfully engage their employees, empowering staff to contribute to a positive impact on their workplace, their industry, and society.

Through Pivot, we collaborate with organizations to understand their potential to contribute to something greater. In partnership with organizations and their staff members, we identify passionate and purpose-driven employees to engage in that work.

As an offshoot of EWB—which works to create awareness and action in communities across Canada—Pivot positions itself as the response to the question: ‘how can motivated people make a meaningful social contribution within a workplace that is currently unprepared to tap into their full potential?’

  • We build on EWB’s systems change leadership framework and package it for professional audiences to guide them towards advancing work and workplaces.
  • We delivered training sessions as a part of the 12th World Social Forum which took place in Montreal, bringing together over 35,000 people from 125 countries. Our participants achieved personal and professional growth and expressed the desire to bring the lessons learned into their respective workplaces.
  • Internalizing a central tenant of EWB’s philosophy, Pivot has been a lesson in learning, adapting, growing, and improving. What has always remained true is the belief that people can, and should, find personal alignment within their work.


We all have values we hold dear, and jobs to which we hold fast. These aspects of our lives shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

If you feel like you’re not realizing your full potential in your work, we can work together to change that.

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An organization’s greatest strength are employees who live their values, who feel valued, and whose ideas are valuable to the continued success of their workplace.

Let’s talk about the world your organization wants to see and how we can help you and your employees get there.

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