News from the future! Undersea hotels contribute to ocean health

This article was originally published in the Global Times, a satirical newspaper from the year 2030 published by EWB Canada. The Global Times shares a positive vision of the future and uses humour and imagination to inform, inspire and motivate people to build a better world for everyone. Learn more and take action through the Hello 2030 campaign at!

The latest trend in eco-tourism is an underwater adventure you won’t want to miss – though you’ll need to bring your sea legs!

Dory Hotels’ undersea boutique hotels are all the rage with those looking for an up-close look at restored ocean habitats. The free-floating spheres sit about 15-25 feet below the ocean’s surface and have outer walls made of glass, meaning guests are able to get up close to whales, sharks, sea turtles, fish and other sea life in their natural habitat without disturbing them.

The hotels are part of an ocean restoration initiative by the University of Haida Gwaii and help in research, ocean cleanup, wildlife protection and coral reef monitoring.

“During their stay, guests assist in restoration efforts, measure ocean acidification, and geo-locate garbage patches for cleanup, which makes a huge difference,” says head hotelier, Sitka Sandollar. “When we opened in 2020, guests would complain that they saw more plastic cups and bags than fish as we passed through the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, but that has changed over the past 10 years as the world has come together to reduce waste, CO2 emissions and protect marine habitats. The ocean is more vibrant than ever before!”

Since the spheres move with the currents in the Pacific Ocean, you can’t be sure where they’ll be until check-in, but those who join off the coast Australia are in for a treat. The Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest and at one point a critically endangered coral reef system, is now a thriving riot of colour and wildlife as ocean temperatures have stabilized and pH levels declined.

Turtle enthusiast, Crush Currentrider, had this to say: “At first you’re like, whoa! And then like, WHOA! And then you’re like, whoa…you know?”

Righteous, dude.

Want to ride the E.A.C. and contribute to ocean health? Reserve early – Dory Hotels book up a year in advance.

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