The 2017 EWB Community Awards

January was a time for celebrating all that we accomplished together during 2016 and all that we can accomplish this upcoming year. This brings us to the Community Awards, announced during the xChange 2017 gala. With these awards, we recognized the work that individuals and groups have done that displayed characteristics of our organization’s key values.

Dream Big and Work Hard

“I’d like to quote one of my mentors, Annelies Tjebbes, talking about the individual receiving this award.

“‘This young woman, wise beyond her years, but still finding her feet in the world shared some incredible remarks. While seated in the grass in a beautifully connected circle she shared that through this experience she had found her tribe. She felt listened to, respected, understood and invested in. She said that EWB has helped her find her voice. The support of her peers enabled her to step up to this leadership journey with confidence in her voice and a spring in her step.’

“From my own conversations with her, I’ve been able to see her clear dedication and aspirations through the future. The recipient of the community award for Dreaming Big and Working Hard to the president of one of EWB’s newest chapters, Laura Mohan.” – Brett McMillan, Chapter Engagement Coordinator

Laura Mohan, EWB UPEI

Laura Mohan
President of UPEI Chapter
Favourite Treat: Chocolate Mint Ice Cream

“As chapter president I organize meetings, chapter events and delegate tasks to VP executives, and distribute weekly updates to chapter members. I am responsible for conference data gathering and presenting to all members (e.g. xChange, Member Learning, etc.).

“My team and I were fortunate enough to host an AGM for EngineersPEI where we directly presented and connected with the biggest minds in engineering throughout Canada. Immediate interest was gained which gave us access to venues for chapter events, and social media popularity.” – Laura

Address Root Causes for Impact

Getting to the base of a problem defines EWB’s approach to development. Investigating the systems we work in and learning what roots a problem in place have been crucial to our success as an organization. Working in developing nations has sharpened our capacity to identify problems, see the bigger picture and maximize our organizational impact.

“Building a tool that helps entrepreneurs create track records for their business through a smartphone interface has the potential to drastically reduce costs of due diligence, while giving the entrepreneur a way to showcase their work.” – Mina Shahid, Co-Founder of Numida Technologies

The team at Numida Technologies.

Numida Technologies
Based in Uganda & Kenya
Established 2015

Numida Technologies has developed TrackApp: a mobile application that helps entrepreneurs access improved lending terms, critical financing to ignite business expansion, and create powerful data profiles to help scale operations. Numida Technologies has developed TrackApp

TrackApp helps African entrepreneurs create financial track-records in order to enable them to:

  • Learn about the financial viability and earning capacity of their business.
  • Make evidence-based decisions in regard to improvements.
  • Streamline and enhance business operations through an increased understanding of performance, cost and profit.
  • Connect with prospective financial lenders to access credit.
  • Access capital to purchase assets, equipment and resources to enhance profitability.

To learn more about Numida’s work, check out

Check back next week for more of our Community Award winners!

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