2017 EWB Community Awards, Part 2!

January was a time for celebrating all that we accomplished together during 2016 and all that we can accomplish this upcoming year. This brings us to the Community Awards, announced during the xChange 2017 gala. With these awards, we recognized the work that individuals and groups have done that displayed characteristics of our organization’s key values.

See here for our previously announced winners, for the “Dream Big and Work Hard” and “Address Root Causes for Impact” awards.

Asking Tough Questions

Having a strong critical voice is one of the cornerstones of our organization. It requires a firm understanding of the systems an individual works in, and demonstrates their passion and desire to see it improved.

“Always in a diplomatic tone, and never with the aim of proving a point, Gordon asks tough questions to shed light on variables not taken into account, to test a too-easily accepted hypothesis, to understand a controversial decision or to give a voice to a disadvantaged party. His relentless curiosity, empathy for others and commitment to excellence have undoubtedly forced him to go through many difficult conversations. But, by not shying away from tough questions, he has led those around him with to become better decision-makers and to never judge too hastily. Thank you, Gordon!” – Elena Haba,Long-Term Fellow, Strategy and Investment  team

Rather than being profiled, Gordon chose to represent his team more broadly—what a humble guy!

Team: Advisory and Consulting (A&C) Team (we’re a team within MBC Africa)
Team Members: The team includes Jon Haley, Elena Haba, Alanna Howell, and Gordon Chan (all LTFs in 2016); Veronique Campbell (2016 JF); and Edem Dorgbadzi (Ghanaian intern not affiliated with EWB)
Team Treat: Fan Ice (an ice cream in Ghana)

“The A&C Team provides managerial and technical advice to agribusiness SMEs in Ghana, helping them to expand their operations and income. The team is a part of MBC Africa, a venture supported by EWB Canada that is dedicated to agribusiness growth in West Africa.

“Why do so many SME training programs have limited impact? How can we impart vital skills and behaviours to entrepreneurs instead of theory? Can we help exponentially more people with our consulting service, while making it affordable and financially sustainable? These are some of the tough questions the A&C Team set out to address last year by piloting a new approach called the Diagnostic Methodology. In essence, the technique brings “mass customization” to SME consulting services. It ultimately produced enthusiastic reviews from pilot participants and offered MBC Africa greater potential for financial sustainability. Major organizations have since expressed an interest in adopting the methodology and the team hopes this will help challenge the standard approach to SME support.” – Gordon

Courageously Commit

Courage is important in EWB’s work. The courage to tackle problems like poverty, courage to challenge yourself and your own biases, courage to come to Edmonton in January. But the courage to commit yourself to EWB’s work, devoting hours to our cause, is the most important of all.

“Zach is well deserving of the Courageously Commit award because he never backs away from a challenge, even if he is the only one. Zach is a tireless worker who never stops striving to make his chapter and community better. As Zach has said, “If I have the energy to work hard in this time of my life, I feel it is my responsability to try my best to make the world a better place.” Zach brings intense energy and enthusiasm, and EWB is so lucky to have him as a longtime member and current University of Victoria Chapter President.” – Hailey Froese, Chapter Operations Coordinator

Zachary van Galen Campbell
University of Victoria Chapter President
Favourite Treat: Fair Trade Chocolate

“My role in EWB has always been to inspire others to think about the broader implications of their actions and how they can have a positive impact on this world by giving a piece of themselves to the global community. I’ve always worked towards having others within EWB UVic grow with me on my journey by investing myself in the group and the people within. I feel that it’s my duty as a leader within my community to pass on the knowledge that I get from conference and other professional development sessions to help them grow as individuals.
I’ve been a part everything from Fair-trade and advocacy to corporate and youth outreach. In the hopes of growing EWB within Victoria and getting people aligned together to strive towards a world with out poverty.

“UVic is almost fair trade certified. We have the UVic Sustainability coordinator, Susan Kerr, to thank for all of the work that she has done to help us on this venture.

“I’ve helped arrange many member learning sessions on the different facets of EWB and have promoted others to share there passions within EWB UVic so that the group can come closer together.

“Also, one of the most challenging things by far, is raising money for the group so that I can send my members to engaging experience like national conference and EWB’s community retreats.” – Zachary

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