Sarah Nambasa Masembe

Sarah is an advocate of the High out of Uganda with over 19 years of legal advisory experience in the public and private sectors as well as academia. She has a Bachelor of Laws Degree (Makerere University), a post graduate diploma in Legal Practice and a Master of Laws (Georgetown University, Washington DC).

Sarah is a corporate governance expert having experience in both the public and private sectors (including Not for Profit organisations and the academia). Therefore, she understands the dynamics between the Board and Management and how to engage both, to achieve the ultimate objectives of the organisation. Her unique experience with Not-for-Profit organisations has given her first-hand knowledge and expertise on how to create paying arms for such institutions to make them more sustainable.

She is not only about work… she plays too… she loves music and having fun. She is passionate about paying it forward and helping young ladies through mentorship to achieve their dreams and break past the glass ceiling in the world of work. She’s an athlete and loves sports. She is also a mother of 4.

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