Diana Menzies

Board Member | Secretary

Diana is a management consultant based in Montreal. She has a Civil Engineering degree from
Queen’s University and a Masters of Business Administration from McGill University. She has
diverse experience in social justice, entrepreneurship, mining and manufacturing and
leadership, which she applies to help her clients and community thrive.

Diana originally joined EWB as a chapter member and conference chair in 2011. From that point
forward Diana held different roles at EWB, from Coordinator of National Engineering Month
Ontario and Day of Action volunteer to African Fellow and Venture leader in Zambia. Her path at
EWB enabled her to recognize the power of people, and ignited her passion for finding and
flaming the spark of potential in others. In her current role as Engagement Manager at
McKinsey & Company Diana leads high impact strategy, analytics and transformation efforts for
her clients across mining and manufacturing industries.

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