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Did you know that for every $1 EWB invests, $18 is raised by the Venture being supported?

When I first began working at EWB, this was just one of the many facts around the impact EWB Ventures have that drew me to the program. I had never heard of another model in the nonprofit world like it, and I immediately wanted to learn more.

EWB invests in the founding stage of scalable social enterprises that aim to deliver new systemic solutions for the underserved in Sub-Saharan Africa. We nurture and accelerate their growth, help build their capacity and promote their long-term sustainability.

Our unique Impact Investing model works by providing support in three stages:

As a Development Associate with EWB’s fundraising team, I have had the opportunity to learn in depth about the critical impact donor dollars have had directly on millions of lives through the Venture model.

Here are just a few facts about the innovative and impactful work your donations support:

And Finally…


That’s why your support is needed now, more than ever!
Securing international funding for these Ventures doing vital work is more tenuous than ever.

EWB is in the process of providing all the support we can to aid our Venture partners in weathering the pandemic. As the lockdowns came to force we deployed 35 talented Canadians to provide immediate support virtually through the Virtual Talent xChange. There have been successes, but also some sad realities to face with one of our partners on the brink of folding.

Our Ventures are doing important work to help their communities get through the COVID-19 pandemic. One venture, Viamo,  has a vital tool of telecommunication for underserved communities that has delivered essential COVID-19 information to over 15,000,000 individual users!

Will you continue to support EWB and the crucial work that our African Ventures are doing to uplift their communities out of poverty, and come out of this pandemic with a strong and sustainable foundation?

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