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Today is the day, the most generous day of the year—Happy Giving Tuesday!

Our matching campaign is well underway, and thanks to an anonymous donor, all donations today will be matched and doubled up to $50,000!

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As promised, we will be celebrating Giving Tuesday by sharing an update of an EWB Venture doing vital work during this difficult time: Viamo.

Ventures like Viamo are selected to receive EWB’s support first and foremost because they improve people’s lives in a real way—like improving income or, in the case of Viamo, distributing vital information. We also select our ventures based on their propensity to scale and become autonomous over time, bringing your impact even further. This approach sparks change that addresses the root causes of poverty and inequity and will contribute to building an equitable and sustainable world.

Viamo is a mobile communications company that disseminates information to even the most remote communities in sub-Saharan Africa through mobile phones. The application is widespread; a mother can receive maternal health information from a local clinic or a policy-maker can study the supply chain and efficacy of vaccinations! Throughout the pandemic, they have benefited 16 million people with key information to protect their loved ones from infection for free! The Viamo team has credited EWB multiple times, saying that it is our donors and partners that make their impact possible. Thank you!

As you can imagine, this tool, paired with the wide reach and access Viamo has in vulnerable communities, has secured their spot as a crucial component to dispersing life-saving COVID-19 information. To continue to support Viamo and other important ventures like them, all while having your donation doubled, click HERE.

Keep an eye out for the next email in this series where we will share the amazing success and powerful impact Viamo has created this year!

Thank you again, and happy Giving Tuesday.

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