Spotlight on Elizabeth & Ruth: Building Numida’s connections with entrepreneurs

Elizabeth and Ruth helped Numida improve how entrepreneurs interact with the mobile application. Numida noticed that retaining its users was a challenge. Entrepreneurs were processing one to two transactions of their business and then stopped using it. But the more data about the business is entered into their profile on the app, the greater their chances are at securing loans.

Ruth and Elizabeth conducted a lot of outreach with entrepreneurs soliciting feedback on what was most or least useful about the app and how instructions for using the app could be improved. Then they developed an in-app tutorial that best suited the needs of Numida’s clients. After four months of engaging with entrepreneurs, building the tutorial based on the entrepreneurs’ feedback and hosting weekly workshops to test the different versions, the in-app tutorial was coded into the app.

“I loved the environment I worked in. I never considered myself an entrepreneur or considered working with a startup – had a narrow idea of what a startup meant, like “software” – but now I want to pursue working in startups where new ideas are welcomed,” says Elizabeth.

The fellows helped Numida find a solution to one of their business challenges. For three months, the tutorial taught new users how to best use the app, showing all of the tools. In that time, half of the users were completing the full tutorial. Today, the tutorial is not active on Numida’s app as they continue to refine and improve the tool, but Elizabeth and Ruth have helped Numida progress down a critical path towards better understanding and building better relationships with their clients and beneficiaries.

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