Recap & Recording – Beyond Borders Impact Series: Kumvana Showcase

On June 10th, EWB-ers tuned in from around the globe to learn about the EWB fellowship program that previous participants unanimously agreed was transformative.

Did you miss The Beyond Borders Impact Series: Kumvana showcase? Watch it below:

What is The EWB Kumvana program? 

The Kumvana Program is an Interconnected Network for Exchange

The panelists, Lilian, Chalo, and Prince all spoke candidly about how one of the best parts of their fellowship was meeting other inspiring participants and entrepreneurs while exchanging ideas.

“Our cultures are based on connecting with people – connecting with our ecosystem, ” Chalo said, who completed his Fellowship in 2019, and is the Co-Founder of Spotless Africa and the Piggy Bank Campaign.

“I started making connections before I even stepped foot in Canada.”

Discussing theories of change, community development, and social entrepreneurship with other leaders helped him to apply new levels of innovation to his enterprise and inspire a new way of thinking.

The Kumvana Program Builds Confidence and Character

For Prince, a social entrepreneur and 2017 alum, the biggest takeaway from his fellowship was the confidence he built throughout his time in the program.

“In Canada, I got connected to so many amazing people that helped me to develop, that broadened my perspective, and helped me become a confident leader.”

He learned about different ways to structure his work and reported that he implemented much of what he learnt in the program at home.

The Kumvana Program Provides Flexibility

Lilian is an HR professional by trade and 2018 fellow, and particularly enjoyed how the Kumvana programming is adaptable and that her needs and interests were met at her level.

“You get to shape what you want to learn,” Lilian said, and encouraged all candidates to be “authentic” in their applications.

Support the Kumvana Fellowship Program and Canada’s role in Aiding our Global Community

“This is an opportunity that can change the trajectory of your life,” said Chalo. Furthermore he noted, it has a “ripple effect”, with positive effects reaching far beyond his own personal experience.

It is important that we continue to invest in the Kumvana Program and other programs of this nature during these times to ensure no one is left behind, and that our hard work is not undone.  You can do your part by signing the #CanadaCares campaign which asks our International Development Minister, Karina Gould, to step up Canada’s investment in international aid.

Click here to lend your voice to the #CanadaCares campaign now.


The Beyond Borders host and Kumvana alumni, Herbert, closed the webinar with a powerful call to action for all EWB members: your generous donations support the continuation of the Kumvana Program.

“I hope this has proven how important it is to continue contributing to our global community”

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