Our Virtual Run 2 End Poverty Success!

The Run 2 End Poverty officially made its national come back this year, and we had a fantastic kickoff event! A collective day of action, the R2EP raises awareness for global poverty issues and supports EWB Canada’s programs that invest in young leaders, advocate for more robust Canadian international policy, and invest in socially-minded entrepreneurs. This peer-to-peer event allows participants to mobilize their network around a common cause and helps to continue the discussion on the elimination of poverty globally. 

The 2020 run was held virtually and was a great way to do any physical activity, at any time on October 17th, and in any location. We had such a variety this year and thanks to the internet we got to participate in a lot of different events virtually! We live-streamed, a hike along the Newfoundland coast, a bike ride in Vancouver, Yoga, a run and Lacrosse in Toronto, and a walk along the beach in Ontario!

Not only that, but we were able to catch up with all our participants via social media where they shared their runs, walks and adventures with us! We went to Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, St John’s and even Copenhagen! We hope you had a chance to check-in and see all the action but if not don’t worry we saved story highlights on our Instagram page and you can always check out the #R2EP hashtag.

Overall the 2020 R2EP had 215 participants who together raised over $31,000! 

We are so excited to continue this event in 2021 so keep your eyes peeled for the announcement and we look forward to running, hiking, yoga-ing, lacrosse-ing again with you next year!


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