News from the future! Boredom is key issue amongst ultra-seniors

This article was originally published in the Global Times, a satirical newspaper from the year 2030 published by EWB Canada. The Global Times shares a positive vision of the future and uses humour and imagination to inform, inspire and motivate people to build a better world for everyone. Learn more and take action through the Hello 2030 campaign at!

“I came back from Argentina last week, so now I’ve been to every country twice,” says 120-year-old Marjorie Adams, founder of the Ultra-Seniors Society (USS).

The society organizes adventures for a new generation of ultra-seniors, as people are increasingly living past the age of 100.

“Now that everyone is living longer, healthier lives, we’ve got to keep our minds and bodies active, but our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren are busy and, after over a hundred years, some of us are running out of hobbies,” says Adams. “I created this group so ultra-seniors can connect and have some fun.”

USS activities include adventure travel, extreme sports and competitive crafting, as well as more relaxing pursuits like coffee clubs, advanced university classes, and virtual reality space cruises with friends from around the world.

Since all diseases and health concerns were eliminated in 2025, in large part due to universal and affordable healthcare, global citizens have been healthier than ever. But ultra-seniors have been facing a new problem: boredom.

It isn’t surprising that 100 USS chapters have sprung up in the last 5 years, says Adams. “Before I started the society I was sitting at home doing the same old things. Now, every day brings me something new.”


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