My Dream World Is Achievable – Is Yours?

Like most college kids, I wanted to belong. I wanted to be part of something bigger. I wanted to contribute.

And so I did what any college kid would do and signed up for every club at my university. But, after signing my name on a clipboard, I found it challenging to follow through. I was struggling to find my fit.

One of the clubs I signed up to join was Engineers Without Borders, where I passively read the emails and accepted a role with the student chapter, expecting it to be as unfulfilling as I had found the other university club experiences

It didn’t take long for me to realize that with EWB it was different.

When I missed my first meeting, my phone rang and the EWB Chapter President was on the line. She asked me about my absence, and I stumbled through my words to make up an excuse. Her reaction astounded me.

“Hey, if this time doesn’t work for you, we can move the meeting to a different time,” she said.

I was shocked at her caring and accommodating approach. So shocked in fact, that I told her I would be there in 15 minutes, leaping into action and running the entire way there from my dorm.

That one meeting changed my life. I loved the space. We were encouraged to speak our minds and share our ideas in an open environment where I found my voice, my peers, and my power. Your support helped me to grow and learn as a person. To engage with our local and global communities and develop my skills outside of the classroom.

Help Canadian Youth Find Their Power:

I became more deeply involved with EWB and joined the National Conference. An annually- held conference that provides a space for youth across Canada to gather, learn from amazing speakers and workshops, and share ideas. It built my EWB community from one at my campus to one across the nation! I am still astounded each year at the quality of speakers, and the things I take away to apply in my own chapter and community.  Your support has helped to ensure that EWB can continue to facilitate spaces for young people to engage more deeply with today’s issues and take those ideas and turn them into action in our localities.

Something told me that I needed to be in this space and remain in it to be an impactful, effective leader of tomorrow, with the power to facilitate change. The creative thinking and limitless mentality encouraged me to think bigger. On my first Day of Action, a three day series where we speak directly with Members of Parliament (MP) about international development issues in Ottawa, I became convinced that more young people need to be a part of this movement. It empowered me to take action in a way that I never had before. I spoke with MPs about the issues that mattered to me and I would have been less likely to do so without EWB’s support and research.

It was clear to me, after that first Day of Action series, that when we work together to campaign and fight for justice, we can change the system. I believe that through EWB, the “dream world” we discussed was, and is, entirely possible.

I went on to pursue an EWB Junior Fellowship with the Mining Shared Value Venture in 2016, and I would still consider myself a forever volunteer with the organization at large. Currently, I lead the Calgary professional chapter as President and am proud to apply what EWB Canada does globally in my local community.

Volunteer With EWB: 
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Because of EWB, I have a network of meaningful relationships: peers, mentors, and leaders around the world to learn from. Above all, what I have learnt is to ask more questions of my work and life, to think about solutions for all members of society, and to apply my leadership and perspective in a holistic and inclusive manner. So I want to thank you. Thank you for believing in Canadian youth like me. For allowing us a space where we can use our voice to help everyone reach their full potential, and most importantly for your continued and generous support of our community at large.

EWB’s impact on me has been life-changing and I encourage everyone to get involved today!

EWB invested in me, clarified my purpose, and tapped into my true potential. In turn, I implore you to invest in people, ventures, and change through EWB.

Please reach out and join in! It might just change your life!

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