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Last week, you heard from my colleague, Emma, about our innovative and proven venture model.  This week, I hope you will join me and take a few minutes to get to know some of the amazing, change-making ventures EWB supports — the work they are doing is changing millions of lives all over sub-Saharan African and beyond!

My name is Herbert Kisara, and as the manager of EWB Fellowship activities with ventures in East Africa, I get to see first hand the power of combining social enterprise and youth engagement in Africa’s development.

Everyday, I work to support EWB’s young professional Fellows as they contribute to social enterprise ventures and build knowledge, experience, and leadership skills to re-invest in their communities.

With the support of donors like you, we are able to partner with innovative startup businesses and push the boundaries of what is possible – this approach is designed to solve neglected, deeply-rooted systemic problems and usher in new solutions and industries!

I’d like to introduce you a selection of our Ventures, and the fantastic, life-changing work they do (click on each to learn more):

Farm Drive - EWB Venture Numida - EWB Venture
Kwango Kwako - EWB Venture M-Shule - EWB Venture
Rent to Own - EWB Venture LishaBora - EWB Venture

And Finally…


MPost, in Kenya, has developed an affordable, secure, and convenient technology that allows anyone to transform their phone, even a feature phone, into a government-recognised mobile postal address.

MPost promotes the inclusion of underserved people across various sectors and facilitates countrywide mail delivery through its SMS notification system, with pickup and delivery options. In the following weeks you will be hearing directly from MPost’s CEO, Aziz M. Omar, first hand about the challenges and successes they have experienced over the past year. The COVID-19 crisis is causing economic damage globally, and social enterprises like MPost and the rest of our Ventures that are doing important work have been some of the hardest hit.

This is why I must ask for your support now, to allow our Ventures to continue operating and creating a more equitable post-COVID world.

In my role as manager of EWB Fellowship activities in East Africa, I get to see first-hand how key supporters like YOU are ensuring these innovative and important organisations continue to do the work they do.

Your support is needed to drive transformational impact by investing in leaders and in social enterprises that create sustainable communities at a time when funding is vital to a venture’s very survival.

EWB’s Venture model provides YOU with systemic ways of making a difference locally and globally!

Join us today to help create an impact and create a more equitable world.

Thank you for your continued support.

PS. MPost’s CEO, Aziz Omar, is joining us for a live online session at next week’s Beyond Border Impact Series webinar! To learn more about how your donation directly impacts their business and their local communities, RSVP and join us on November 26th at 11AM ET. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. 

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