Here’s what your Aeroplan Miles do for EWB

Once a year, our wonderful partner Aeroplan matches Miles donated to EWB—and it’s that time of year again.

From September 19 through 25, every Aeroplan Mile donated to EWB will be matched, up to 500,000.

These Miles are vital to our work in the fight against global poverty and inequality. Here are just a few of the ways your Miles have supported EWB’s work.

  • In our many years in Malawi, you’ve sent countless staff and volunteers to support our work in water and sanitation.

  • In 2016, it sent a group of “young, passionate, and motivated staff” to support some of our ventures. Among them, Megan Firth is now working with BDSA Zambia, while Alex Ponton is at Mango Fund in Uganda.

  • You’ve sent several Fellows to one of our newer ventures, Numida Technologies, where they’ve built an innovative app to address Africa’s credit gap.

  • You’ve brought 50 Kumvana leaders to Canada, where they’ve taught and learned from Canadian companies and civic groups. Here’s what Makamsa Mustapha, a 2015 Fellow, said about her experience:

(In Canada) I realized that sometimes, perceptions can be wrong. If you’re not in somebody’s place, you don’t really understand what the person is going through or what the person needs. You have to be in that person’s place.

This week, help EWB connect even more leaders. Help us get there.

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