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This time of year my mailbox begins to see more action than usual with holiday cards and letters, but as I and, I’m sure, many others, we’ll see even more this year as we continue to be remote. But what if you didn’t have easy access to a mailbox? 

Postal addresses are an important part of communication infrastructures all over the world and without one, you miss many opportunities: job offers, university admissions, to name a few.

Support Ventures Like MPost Today!MPost, EWB’s most recent partner venture identified this as an integral issue for many people living in Kenya. MPost stands for Mobile Post and it enables any mobile phone user to have their phone act like a post office, so you can get access to postal services. MPost has helped connect thousands of people across the country to the information they need.

It has been so widely adopted by the population that the government of Kenya has reached out to the MPost team to implement the tool widely! It is incredible to see what a small group of motivated people can achieve.


And this is just 1 of our 9 ventures working to address inequalities around access to information and infrastructure. Throughout our emails this season you have heard about what they do. But on the grand scale our ventures and partners work towards creating access to information, financial services, housing, and income with sustainable and scalable models touching millions of peoples’ daily lives.

Your support is literally impacting millions of lives in so many amazing ways, even in one of the most difficult years we have faced.

Before the year ends I am asking you to help contribute to a reimagined vision of 2020, one that highlights compassion, resilience, and community. Let’s take this opportunity to continue to invest in people and ideas and be the change we want to see in the world!

Together we can create a brighter 2021 and start the year off right.


Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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