Happy Anniversary John and Dannielle!

In this quarter’s newsletter, I would like to introduce you to John and Dannielle. I first met John and Dannielle last year as they were preparing to include EWB in their wedding. As we approach their first anniversary, I wanted to share their journey with you! – May 

“When my wife and I were students studying for a leadership diploma in non-profit organisations, we attended a conference where we met Boris Martin, EWB’s CEO. I needed to collect interviews for a case study I was working on. As a retired mechanical engineer and having experience volunteering in Africa and Central America, I felt Boris and EWB would be a natural fit for me to become involved with. I interviewed Boris and gained a better understanding of EWB’s work and principles, I became more involved, and the rest is history! 

Last year as Dannielle and I were preparing for our wedding, we knew we wanted to involve a few of our favourite organisations. As I was involved with many different projects at EWB, we decided to select it as a charity of choice instead of wedding presents. We thought that it would be a great way to support the programs that I was helping to build and continue to provide value to the organisation as a whole. 

I know EWB has some great opportunities in development, and I think for the future of EWB, I would love to see even more support and scaling of social enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa. I hope to see more extraordinary connection building between students and professionals in a mentor program at EWB too. 

My personal connection with EWB has made it an obvious choice for support from Dannielle and I. With a unique local / global model, I feel that donations I make can support multiple communities in developing their capacity to create systemic, sustainable change. ” – John and Dannielle

Want to include EWB in your special occasions? Contact us at info@ewb.ca.

Happy Anniversary John and Dannielle!

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