Financing a Future Without Poverty

Traditional international aid models based on simple transfers of wealth or knowledge aren’t enough to solve the persistent problems of poverty and inequality. In a complex, interdependent and ever-changing world, solutions must be creative, flexible, scalable, and locally-led – they must be innovative.

We need new approaches and new sources of funding.

That’s why we’re asking the Canadian government to invest in innovative development and financing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, and end poverty and inequality!

In Budget 2018, Canada announced $1.5 billion for innovative development and financing.

Now, we’re asking Global Affairs Canada to use these resources to create a new initiative to support early-stage social enterprises to build and scale-up innovative solutions to end poverty, reduce inequality, and achieve gender equality:

  • By identifying development gaps and actively seeking and funding solutions.
  • By entering the process at the earliest stage and in the least developed countries.
  • By focussing on impact, not financial return.
  • By facilitating collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Social enterprises aim to solve development problems while also being financially sustainable. They need financial and technical support to get started, but once they start making profits, they can attract loans and investments from private banks and other institutional investors – making use of over $200 trillion in untapped private sector resources!

By providing crucial early-stage support to social enterprises, Canada can support innovators, change-makers and leaders in developing countries to build thriving businesses that solve development challenges, create more sustainable and inclusive economies, and improve the lives of millions.

But this won’t happen without your support.


Support the achievement of the SDGs and help to build a world without poverty and inequality.

  1. Send a letter of support! Contact Minister of International Development and La Francophonie, Marie-Claude Bibeau, or your local MP, to let them know that you support Canada’s innovative development and financing for the SDGs and EWB’s recommendations.
  2. Invest in innovative development and financing! Support EWB’s network of chapters and fellows, social entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa, and policy and advocacy work to help achieve the SDG
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Let’s say Hello 2030 to the future we want.

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