EWB Policy Wins Report

Achieving global development goals requires having in place the right policies in Canada.

One of the most effective ways Canada can contribute to ending poverty and inequality in the world is through development assistance.

For almost two decades, EWB has championed policy innovations to make Canada’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) more effective, transparent and accountable. Yet, advocacy is often slow and it can be difficult to understand how it happens or what impact it makes. It is impossible to attribute change to any particular person, organization or event, because there are many actors, and political processes are complex.

So what can EWB share about its policy and advocacy work?

In our latest report, Policy Wins, EWB talks about some of the changes we have contributed to, and how we go about advocating for better policies. The impact of the policy changes described in this report are still being seen and felt today and, with humility, we are proud to have contributed to them.

We are grateful to all our partners who have been a part of our advocacy journey throughout the decades, including present and former volunteers, staff and donors. This report is dedicated to them.

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