End of Year Message: EWB Can’t Continue Another 20 Yrs Without You

“We can’t solve our problems by using the same thinking we used when we created them.” 

That’s one of my favorite phrases. It reminds me to always question from what place I am reasoning. From what perspective. What assumptions am I making and am I open to changing my mind?

EWB is turning 20 years old this January. Twenty years of relentless focus on impact, and a courageous commitment to questioning how we do things so that we can do them right.

EWB is nothing without you or your support. Together we will succeed when you decide to be radically generous today.

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I can tell you first hand that EWBers are as committed as ever. We seek the personal transformation they know is necessary for all of us to create a planet where every human being can live in dignity. We act with courage and principle. We dream big and we work hard. We ask tough questions. We give them time and talent generously.

The pandemic has thrown a real challenge our way and we took it head on. The need for our work globally has only grown bigger. I am proud of the work we have done this year and you have received many updates on our impact already. We stayed true to mission, even in the most challenging of times. We also have grown and evolved and gotten stronger and more mature over twenty years. It’s been a journey to say the least.

We will not continue for another twenty years without your support. Today it is important to recognize that EWB is only an idea on a napkin—if not for the people who build and sustain it and move that idea to action.

Please be part of those who take action. Donate now.

I would like to count you in, as a committed supporter of EWB. As of today, we have raised over 85% of the way to our goa—bringing us that much closer to our target of $200,000. Your contribution will move us to our target and to success.


As the calendar is about to transition, you only have ONE MORE DAY to get a tax receipt for this year. Please do not delay. Act now and make a donation to EWB Canada.

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