Chat with These Social Enterprises on July 30th

We’re only two weeks away from our next Beyond Borders conversation during which a few of our early-stage Ventures will share their unique experiences in the recent Gendered Lens Investing pilot.

Being early-stage businesses, most of them had no prior experience in thinking about gender. They used the pilot to explore opportunities for catalyzing and prioritizing gender work, increasing internal gender skills, and encouraging gender-related conversations and awareness across their organisations.

Needless to say, we are very proud of the Ventures’ commitment to developing a strong base for operating with a gendered lens and we hope this conversation can provide context for other entrepreneurs and investors seeking to understand the opportunities in integrating gender inclusion for business.

Read more about the early-stage Ventures forming this month’s panel:

MPost, which stands for Mobile Post Office, is a Kenyan venture innovating mail and parcel delivery systems. Their system enables any mobile phone user to have his or her phone act like a mobile post office by turning the user’s mobile number into a formal postal address. Visit the Mpost website to learn more.
Based on a proprietary credit-scoring system, Numida – located in Uganda – built a mobile financial record-keeping app in order to provide unsecured business loans to MSMEs. The app helps small businesses build financial records, track their financial health and leverage this information to access these unsecured loans. Visit Numida’s website to learn more
Viamo is a global business that uses simple, low cost technology for data collection and for the provision of public service information via mobile. Viamo’s mission is to connect individuals and organizations using digital technology to make better decisions. Visit Viamo’s website to learn more


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