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I started my journey with Engineers Without Borders Canada at an education session with the Chapter at Queen’s University. It was amazing to me how quickly I connected with this group.

We had deep conversations, talked about issues that interested us all, and built a space and community that kept me coming back!

EWB is a values-driven organisation and is focused on truly investing in people and their ideas. The amount of leadership opportunities that EWB provides for youth is incredible and has been an important part of supporting my journey of learning, self-reflection, and growth. Your continued support is an important part of these leadership opportunities and helps to provide unique and tailored personal and professional development for many youth.

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I think one of the most impactful moments I had at EWB was during my Junior Fellowship. I participated in the Indigenous Engagement and Reconciliation Fellowship in Toronto and had the opportunity to work alongside various Indigenous-led organisations in Tkaronto (Toronto) and volunteered with the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto (NCCT).

Our very first Reconcili-ACTION retreat!

I learned so much from my time in Mittimatalik and it was the catalyst for shaping me into the person that I am today and the teachings that I am guided by. These values are the guiding principles that have supported me in shaping a sustainable platform for EWB to continue learning and to foster stronger relationships with Indigenious communities. Guided by Elders and community mentors, we collaborated to create a Chapter education session that focused on the colonial history in Turtle Island, concepts of allyship, and the resilience of Indigenous peoples.

My time spent within these communities continues to be a significant part of my time with EWB as we formed the Reconcili-ACTION portfolio which fosters spaces on campus – across all the University Chapters –  that encourage self-reflection, intentional learning and relationship around Indigenous histories in Canada. We further supported our commitment to continued learning with a Reconcili-ACTION retreat where we gather each year to connect with community and Elders and leaders to learn and engage more deeply with the history of colonization that exists in Turtle Island both in the past and our present-day reality.

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The lessons I learned through my fellowship are still applicable in my daily life and continue to influence my current work at a Maori owned and led non-profit in Aotearoa (New Zealand) called Whakaruruhau. The words of wisdom and encouragement from my friends and mentors at EWB have stuck with me and have encouraged the development of my voice and leadership abilities, lifting me higher than I ever thought possible.

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At the UBC Chapter talking Reconcili-ACTION

The great sense of community and honest conversations has continued to be a central theme of my time with Engineers Without Borders Canada. The space EWB helps create became an important part of my journey as a student and gave me some of my best friends, but it has also helped me further develop my professional skills. I am currently a member of the Board of Directors and have been able to not only share my knowledge and experiences – but continue to learn from the experiences of others.

I consider the growth I’ve encountered as a gift that keeps on giving. It has supported me in many different ways and I am honoured to have met and worked alongside so many people dedicated to making a positive impact.

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