Spotlight on Abdul Mohamed: Finding a new career path with EWB

Abdul’s long-term fellowship with EWB’s Strategy and Investment team helped clear a new career trajectory with a greater social mission. Abdul gained tangible, hands-on experience in impact investing in Ghana, searching and vetting social ventures for EWB to invest in.

Abdul played a key role on EWB’s small, distributed team across sub-Saharan Africa. He developed a pipeline of investment opportunities as well as launching and finalizing due diligence processes that led to the investments in Kwangu Kwako, GreenPath, and Bloom Impact.

I took on the fellowship position after nearly a decade of project management and strategy experience in the energy sector. The experience affirmed my interest in impact investing, showed me how to contribute the skills that I had to start-ups and the nonprofit sector, and taught me new skills that helped progress my career,” Abdul says.

Today, Abdul works as an investment manager at Grand Challenges Canada, looking to invest in innovations around the world that improve reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health outcomes.

“Without the fellowship, I wouldn’t have the skills and experience that earned me my position at Grand Challenges Canada, where I’m doing a lot of the same things.”

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