A Note From Our CEO: All In This Together—A Review of 2020!

Congratulations on making it through 2020. Thank you for your continued efforts to make a difference in the world. Frankly this year was not an easy ride. 

Join me now in closing 2020 on a positive note with a donation to EWB.

If it wasn’t for your support, the world would be in a much worse place right now. Can you imagine if everyone at the start of the pandemic had said “me first” instead of “us together”?

I close the year so proud of the energy and passion with which, despite the challenges and disruptions and against all odds, EWBers have stayed steadfast focused on mission, putting impact first even when the going got hard through 2020.

With $500 you can support our VTX through 2021 today.

We launched our Virtual Talent xChange (VTX) in a matter of weeks when the pandemic hit, to ensure we would honour our partnerships in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Zambia even as we duly repatriated all our Canadian and Kumvana Fellows safely to their respective homes. We facilitated and supported 35 VTX placements through the pandemic. Our ventures in turn have supported hundreds of small businesses across Africa, and dispatched vital pandemic related information to more than 16 million hard to reach individuals.

With $50 you can support our Chapters leadership through 2021 today.

Digitizing EWB’s leadership offering was not an easy task but we pulled it off. Our team rallied and offered the first ever all digital Presidents’ retreat for 75 leaders from coast to coast. We realized our events are more inclusive and less carbon intensive that way. Chapters delivered a new set of learning and mobilization events online. They cultivated purpose and connection despite the physical separation. Kudos to THEM. Next year on Jan 8-10 we are hosting the first ever, fully digital EWB Global xChange Conference. It’s designed to be engaging and getting you off your SEAT!

With $15 you can support our advocacy efforts through 2021 today.

Early into the pandemic we worried that the natural reaction for all of us, when under such threat as a deadly virus and economic hardship, would be to default to a “me first” narrative. Our team built a clever advocacy campaign that we have sustained over nine months. First declaring that #CanadaCares and calling on us to support immediate medical emergencies across the world. Then we helped Canadians come to terms with their fear of the pandemic, and gain empathy for others experiences of hardship around the world. The Meet My Monster campaign is still ongoing and I hope you will join us in the effort.

As of today, we have raised over 60% of our goal – bringing us that much closer to our target of $200,000. We need YOU to get us through the finish line.


As we put 2020 behind us, two of our donors have agreed to match your donations. Your decision to make a $50 donation today would unlock $150 for EWB, and $500 would unlock $1,500.

You have just a few days left to get a tax receipt dated 2020 for your donation. Please act now and be part of writing a great story of impact in 2021.

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