Good Health and Well-being

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Despite advances in science and medicine, millions of people die each year around the world from preventable diseases and injuries, lack of access to medical care, and untreated physical and mental health conditions.

In Canada, suicide is a leading causes of death for young people, yet Canadians often wait more than 6 months to receive access to a psychiatrist after a suicide attempt.

But progress is possible when we work together. Global child mortality rates are half of what they used to be in 1990 – resulting in 122 million lives saved – due to vaccinations better nutrition and increased access to health services. Malaria related deaths dropped 50 percent worldwide through widespread distribution of bed nets among other preventive measures and effective treatment.

Where someone lives or how much money they make should never be a barrier to medical care.

Let’s make sure that everyone has access to what they need to live a healthy life by 2030.

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"(S)he who has health, has hope; and (s)he who has hope, has everything." - Thomas Carlyle

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Since 2010, HIV infection rates have fallen by 18% and AIDS-related deaths have gone down by 34%