Business Analyst

Type: Business

Role: Business Analyst

Venture: FarmDrive

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Deadline: July 14, 2019


About FarmDrive

At FarmDrive, our mission is to invest in smallholder farmers (SHFs) by continuously innovating digital financial services that meet their needs. We fuse data analytics, technology and operational efficiency to provide productive mobile loans to SHF in partnership with financial service providers (FSPs)- banks and MNOs. Our expertise is developing alternative credit scoring models, designing mobile loan products that work for SHFs and automated portfolio management support services. We leverage the mobile phone infrastructure, and data analytics to make sure the benefits of capital stretch all the way to SHFs while significantly improving portfolio bottom line for FSPs.

In partnership with FarmDrive, as a Fellow with Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB Canada), you will be placed as a Business Analyst with FarmDrive to work with their team in Kenya. Throughout your Fellowship with EWB, you will receive guidance, mentorship and financial support from the community in Canada and in East and West Africa.Now is an exciting time to join a small but fast-growing team where you will play a major role in shaping FarmDrive’s future!


About Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB)

EWB is a free-thinking charitable organization that brings people and ideas together to tackle the most crucial causes of poverty and inequality. We nurture talent and leadership, enable social entrepreneurship and advocate for policy innovations to cross-breed systems-changing innovations to ensure economic and public opportunity reaches everyone, including the most underserved and marginalized populations, especially women and girls.

Through our leadership curriculum and Fellowships Program, we offer experiential learning opportunities in Canada and sub-Saharan Africa to launch future shapers equipped to understand and re-engineer complex social systems.  For more information, visit


About You

FarmDrive is looking for a detail-oriented, adaptable analyst to identify further opportunities and future projects for FarmDrive. The business analyst’s role is to contribute to data collection, data analysis, evaluation, funding opportunity proposals, and return on investment evaluations for different projections and protocols. The analyst would contribute to the strategy and future development of the organization.



As a Business Analyst for FarmDrive, your responsibilities will include:

  • Help build strategic business analysis systems and models to support investment decisions, marketing and growth initiatives, product development and strategic planning;
  • Liaise with Venture Gender Inclusion Specialist to coordinate efforts increase Farm Drive’s gender score (tasks will include applying a gender lens to identify new and/or untapped markets, increase productivity, effectively mitigate risks and costs, enhance economic empowerment of marginalized groups including women, identify opportunities to increase female talent and leadership within FarmDrive;
  • Analyze and present recommendations/process changes/new initiatives to management using insights derived from operational data;
  • Develop an intimate understanding of the financial and operational levers of FarmDrive’s operations in Kenya;
  • Create and update models around different operational protocols and research insights including a gender-lens Create and update models around special projects, investments and future plans;
  • Contribute to measurement and evaluation of different projects across the company and include gender metrics;
  • Participate in the review of funding opportunities (ie. Grants) and contribute to proposals/applications as required;
  • Create materials and presentations to support fundraising efforts;
  • Contribute to strategic initiatives related to marketing and growth, distribution, operations management;
  • Draft and publish internal and external presentations and product collateral;
  • Other tasks as requested.

Sound exciting? Here’s who we are looking for.


Skills & Qualifications

  • Professional or student with finance and/or operations management experience;
  • Strong analytical and financial reporting skills;
  • Significant experience with Excel, SQL and modelling;
  • Experience with grants/awards/business case competitions desirable;
  • Knowledge of Gender Lens Investing. Experience in GLI considered an asset;
  • Awareness of cross-cultural communication and ability to maintain constructive relationships with a diverse set of key stakeholders;
  • Excellent time management skills and detail-oriented;
  • Passionate about social change. You want to work on things that make an impact on the world;
  • Be a strong communicator. You are able to translate business requirements and data insights into non-technical, layman’s terms;
  • Curiosity and knowledge of technical and product innovation and trends;
  • You ask great questions and you bring fresh ideas to the table;
  • You are comfortable in a high-paced, rapidly iterating, ambiguous environment, and can respond to urgent requests;
  • Be independent, entrepreneurial and take initiative;
  • Experience investigating unstructured problems and answering questions with data; and a history of creating dynamic reporting and data visualizations for technical and non-technical audiences;
  • Checked ego, humble, empathetic, collaborative, service-oriented attitude of “user first”;
  • You enjoy and appreciate collaboration with others – startup is a team sport. Everyone contributes to get the job done. You’re a very hard-worker and not afraid to ask for help;
  • You have integrity, are reliable, efficient, trustworthy, self-driven and thirsty for new knowledge.


Ultimately, what really matters is you are excited by the prospect of building new products to increase the availability of capital to smallholder farmers across the globe.


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