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Finance & Operations

Finance may be the smallest team at Engineers Without Borders, but the team's role is significant. The finance team manage all finances for the entire organization, tracking and accounting for all donations, expenditures and internally auditing all transactions.

Beyond the national office, the finance and operations teams provide chapters with assistance in regard to ongoing record keeping, budgeting and organizational alignment. The finance team tracks venture budgets and uses the overall EWB budget to create financial audit statements for each quarter and year. Operations develops the organization’s strategy and sets teams up to meet their annual targets.

  • Impact Evaluation and Learning Manager

    • Seven years’ experience in evaluation working for diverse organizations such as Innovations for Poverty Action; Wisconsin Department of Health; and University of Wisconsin Extension
    • Founder of Robinson Evaluation Consulting
    • Holds two Master of Science degrees from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in Agricultural and Applied Economics, and in Agroecology
    • Active member of the American Evaluation Association and Social Impact Measurement Topical Interest Group. 2013 EWB Long-Term Fellow with the Agricultural Extension Team


  • VP Operations & Integration

    • 7 years of experience working and living in sub-Saharan Africa
    • Serial social entrepreneur, passionate about addressing development challenges through sustainable business models
    • Co-founder of Anza, the only social business accelerator in Tanzania
    • Holds an MBA in International Healthcare Management from the University of Aberdeen
  • Director, Human Resources & Finance

  • Gender Advisor

    • Mainstreams gender into all EWB operations and programs.
    • Is a trainer, coach.
    • Holds a Masters in Peace Studies.
    • Has 15 years of experience working for UN agencies, NGOs, Civil Society governments and the private sector.
    • Has expertise in Women, Peace and Security, Gender Equality, addressing Sexual and Gender Based Violence, Conflict Resolution, and Inter-Cultural and Religious dialogue 
    • Has worked in India, Bangladesh, France, England, the United States of America and on projects in the Great Lakes region in Africa and Afghanistan. 
  • Project Manager, Compliance

  • Bookkeeper

  • Office Manager & Executive Assistant

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