Brian Harrigan


Brian HarriganBrian is an engineer with a B.Eng degree from McGill University, and an MBA from University of Ottawa. His 25+ years of experience span the not-for-profit and private sectors. He has founded and led his own organizations, and held CEO and executive level positions with organizations such as Cuso International, Nutrition International, and Deloitte. Hailing from Quebec, Brian is bilingual and fluent in both French and English. He has worked in over 30 countries around the world, and several in Africa. He has a curious and inquisitive mind adept to tackling the complex problems that EWB addresses.

“I live to try and make a social impact – which I’ve aimed to do in business and in non-profits in over 30 countries internationally. But any significant impact can only be achieved by working with curious and passionate people in teams built on mutual respect and inclusion, and with a clear goal. So I’ve learned about what makes effective teams. I’ve learned that the diversity of people’s experiences and views is a massive strength and enabler in the business, academic, government and non-profit worlds. So I’ve learned to create environments where people who like to question, prod, and make things happen are empowered to do so. I’m excited to bring these learnings to EWB!” – Brian Harrigan


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