Alison Cretney

Alison Cretney; Managing Director, Energy Futures Lab

Alison Cretney - Global (R)Evolution PanelistAlison oversees the strategic direction and operations of the Energy Futures Lab, a coalition of innovators and organizations working together to advance solutions to create an energy system that is ‘fit for the future’. She supports dozens of entrepreneurs, energy companies, community leaders and stakeholders in generating opportunities to identify, test and scale new initiatives and collaborations. Alison’s career has focused on forging collaborative solutions to some of our biggest challenges – whether as oil and gas engineer, business and sustainability consultant or social innovator. With over twenty years experience working at the cross-section of energy and environment, Alison has expertise in analyzing emerging sustainable business opportunities, multi stakeholder facilitation, carbon measurement and management, innovation lab approaches, and facilitating integration of sustainability issues and systems thinking into decision-making and design processes. Alison is a registered professional engineer with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta and a Masters of Science in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden.

RSVP to Join Alison at EWB’s Global (R)Evolution Panel “Innovation, Startups & Tech: Paving the Way Post-Pandemic to Economic Growth” (May 1 @ 4:00PM ET)

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