Brenda Akullu - CAIF Fellow 2023

Brenda Akullu

Canada Africa Innovation Fellow

Brenda is a Ugandan agriculturist who holds a bachelor’s degree in sustainable Agriculture and extension. She has a diverse set of skills gained through employment and voluntary experience from NGOs, private industries including the Fintech industry. She has worked as a customer advisor for Wave, research assistant for Impactprenuers Africa, and as a plantation officer for delight Uganda limited under the Private Sector foundation.

Brenda has demonstrated good communication skills, advanced use of computer software packages which include the Microsoft office package, and the Internet. She is a good team player and knows how to exactly interact with team mates and can create order out of chaos through her good negotiation skills.

Her passion for helping people has been her secret to working with people from different cultural and traditional back grounds. Moreover, she is known for her hard work and dedication to her tasks which has earned her respect by many of her team mates from employment and the community.

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