Q&A With Patricia from EWB Montreal Professional Chapter

Hi I am Patricia and I am very excited to be joining the EWB Community. I have just recently started up the Montreal Professional Chapter and I have been wildly astonished with the support from the community and National Office during this pandemic to get this Chapter set up!

Montreal Skyline

Montreal Skyline

Why did you join EWB? 

I always wanted to work on something that is meaningful to the world. I chose engineering as a career, but I always felt like I could use my skills towards sustainable practices and a world with less inequality. EWB provides that opportunity! I work professionally as an engineer and I can apply my skills, knowledge and thinking to working towards EWB’s mission!

What has been setting up a Chapter during COVID-19 been like?

Our chapter started during COVID-19 so this has always been how we operate. In the future I am looking forward to in-person Chapter meetings and getting to know and work with like minded professionals in creating a more equitable society. We have virtual bi-weekly meetings, Slack and Discord for instant messaging. I think setting up a chapter during COVID-19 is important because while some aspects of our life are on hold, poverty and inequality have only proven to worsen. We want to ensure that we are doing what we can to ensure that we are not worse off after this pandemic and advocate for meaningful change.

What is your stand-out favourite moment with EWB?

So far joining it and the possibility to make a change have been my favorite moments. I cannot wait to create some more memories in the future! I am most looking forward to our future campaigns!

What have you learned from your time as an EWB Member and why is that important to you?

So far I have learned that there are lots of people like me! Meeting other people with similar goals and who want to fight for a better world is very inspiring.I am glad that we have this space to connect!

What does being an EWB Community Member mean to you?

Being a Chapter member means that I can make a difference and develop skills that are important to me.

In your opinion, why is having this community important?

Having this community is important because we can empower each other. Rather than just wishing to do something this community supports you to take action about the things you are passionate about.

What would you like to say to those who support the community?

I am very thankful to everyone who can support the community. Every action and donation counts immensely. It helps us grow and develop each time.

Why is continuing this support important? 

Without the help of donors and volunteers, it would be very difficult to grow and to have as much impact as we wish to.


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