Engineers Without Borders Canada stands at the forefront of addressing global challenges through engineering and technological innovation, “engineering an equitable and sustainable future for marginalized people and the planet.”


Our focus on clean technologies, sustainable agriculture and food systems, healthcare resilience in the face of climate change, and education and job creation in STEM fields are pillars of our approach. 


Goal 1: Optimization

To work on the most urgent and important global challenges where engineering can make the greatest impact.
EWB focuses on global issues by managing projects in sustainability and resilience, using systems thinking to create impactful solutions in climate action, green tech, and equitable access to essential services.

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Goal 2: Innovation

Leverage current and evolving engineering and technological knowledge and skills for global development impact.
EWB seeks to harness academic, professional, and technological expertise to foster global development, wellbeing, equity, and ecological conservation, including expanding into the global Francophone engineering sector.

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Goal 3: Localization

Make local partnership, collaboration and ownership a core focus.
EWB ensures collaborative development of engineering solutions with local partners, focusing on community empowerment, participation, and capacity building to lead in international development best practices.

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Goal 4: Advocacy

Become the conduit and voice for Canada’s socially engaged engineers and technologists and those who support them.
We are the voice of socially engaged engineers and technologists in Canada. We advocate for policy changes, engage public figures, and prioritize diversity of voices to create more inclusive, sustainable, and effective engineering solutions globally.

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I am grateful to be in an active environment like CAIF, with professional mentors and systems change champions, channeling its energies towards an impact that matters. Oluwatobi Edun, Canada Africa Innovation Fellow 2022
Meeting with MPs was transformative for me, and attending National Conference in Montreal in 2019...It was being a part of something bigger than myself. Alex Goulden, Advocacy Distributed Team
My focus since joining Kwangu-Kwako has been on using my engineering background in product design. I’ve been designing multiple new features [that] better meets our user’s needs. Chris Morgan, Long-Term Fellow 2016
Working [as a fellow] turned my world upside down. My naïve idea of what development means changed to something more complex, more difficult, more confusing…I can’t think of any experience that has had a bigger impact on my life’s direction in the past decade. Emily Stewart, Junior Fellow in Malawi
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