We invest in people.

People bring powerful ideas to life. We identify, encourage and equip talented leaders to lift the collective prospects of our planet. We spot potential and invest in people who turn big ideas into big impact.

We ignite change.

We support innovative African startup businesses as they blossom to positively touch the lives of millions. We are transforming the role of tomorrow’s engineer, with a view towards greater social impact. We encourage sustainable global service delivery from private and public organizations.

We foster a community.

EWB is a vibrant community of thousands of innovative students, professionals and fellows working to create systemic change in Canada and sub-Saharan Africa.

Before I joined Mango Fund, the board considered the SME space a difficult, if not impossible, space to operate in. There was also a capacity gap in the team. After compiling data on our loans, I put together a financial due diligence tool for our investment decisions. This has led to great results and the trend is going in the right direction Alexandre Tremblay-Ponton, June 2016, EWB Long-Term Fellow with Mango Fund
Participating in Kumvana is a great deal for any individual who is trying to move forward in a career path and in personal development: in creating a change in the environment he or she lives in Kofi Yeboah, Kumvana Fellow, 2016
My greatest accomplishment in my placement was organizing a successful, large scale lobbying meeting primarily with members of parliament. The meeting was a starting point for discussions around achieving improved financing for service delivery. Gains are being made. Monique Miller, April 2016, EWB Long-Term Fellow with WASH Catalyst
My focus since joining Kwangu-Kwako has been on using my engineering background in product design. I’ve been designing multiple new features we are hoping to implement to our design, so that it better meets our user’s needs.’ Chris Morgan. August 2016, Long-Term Fellow with Kwangu-Kwako
Working in Malawi as a Junior Fellow after my first year in university turned my world upside down. My naïve idea of what development means changed to something more complex, more difficult, more confusing… I can’t think of any experience that has had a bigger impact on my life’s direction in the past decade. Emily Stewart, Junior Fellow in Malawi
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