Spotlight on Danyaal Raza: Co-founder of EWB Western Chapter

Danyaal’s prolific history with EWB has transformed him into an experienced advocate and leader in Canada. He co-founded the Western University chapter, held multiple chapter positions, including president, and became the first leader of EWB’s volunteer policy and advocacy distributed team. Today, Danyaal uses the critical thinking, leadership and advocacy skills he developed with EWB in his roles as physician, assistant professor and Chair of Canadian Doctors for Medicare.

The years working with EWB have been some of the most formative in my growth as a leader and critical thinking,” Danyaal says.

As Chair, Danyaal has drawn upon his extensive participation in all-candidate debates focused on international development and many MP meetings to help him speak on Parliament Hill. He has spoken in front of the health committee twice and the finance committee once.

“Unreservedly I can say that, without those experiences with EWB, without having built and lead teams at EWB, I don’t think I would be as effective as I am in my career right now,”

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