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Careers and Fellowships

Impact Evaluation and Learning Manager

EWB has spent the last 8 months developing our first-ever comprehensive approach to monitoring and evaluation. Across our ventures, our Fellowship programs, and our community of leaders in Africa and Canada, we have begun the work to systematically track our activities and our impact so we can learn from what works and tell our impact story to the world. We are currently seeking an Impact Evaluation and Learning Manager to take this monitoring and evaluation work to the next level, building and improving the plane as we fly it. Find more information about the role here, and apply with your Resumé and Cover Letter by September 8th, 2016.

Unsolicited Applications

We recognize that sometimes formal role postings can be limiting, so we also encourage you to send an Unsolicited Application. The intention is to allow you to express interest in joining EWB in the near term (within roughly the next 2 years) and pitch us on your dream role - both from the standpoint of your own growth and how you’d like to contribute to EWB without having to wait and hope for the right specific role posting. If you would like us to add you to our Jobs Mailing list, reach out to us at