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The EWB Fellowship

Fostering meaningful partnerships and skills-transfer between Canadian leaders and innovative African ventures.

Since 2001, the EWB Fellowship program has built a community of active and impassioned Systems Change Leaders working with African innovators to eradicate global poverty.

Every year, we recruit between 25-30 outstanding leaders—typically post-graduate students and professionals—for the 12 month EWB Fellowship program.

We source Fellows from a range of professional, technical, and educational backgrounds and equip them with the skills and opportunities required to play a critical role in building a thriving, sustainable world. Successful recruits are embedded to provide expertise in one of our founding-stage ventures or learning partners throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

The EWB Fellowship, also called the Long-Term Fellowship, matches our best talent with innovative businesses and organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa. Through providing expert consultation and support across a range of capabilities, EWB Fellows provide Small and Growing Business Ventures and Governance for Sustainable Services Ventures with the essential talent required to accelerate and sustain their growth.

Fellows provide ventures with essential technical skills, communications support and insight into key business practices, including:

  • Business development
  • Financial modelling
  • Talent acquisition
  • Preparation for investment
  • Leadership training and mentoring

The EWB Fellowship program is mutually beneficial.

Fellows gain access to incomparable experiences, unrivalled personal and professional development, and the opportunity to create real-world, positive change. Ventures utilize Fellows’ skills to grow and serve large communities, reach their potential as businesses, and achieve their target missions.

In the same way that ventures’ innovations scale to create impact throughout wider global sectors, Fellows’ skills are translatable. The experiences and qualities accumulated in a Fellowship placement are applicable in multiple capacities, from the corporate world to local communities. EWB alumni have gone on to be successful in many different career paths.

If you are passionate about social change, if you are self-driven, and you view the world as a never-ending opportunity to learn, you may have what it takes. If you tackle complex problems with creative solutions and push the boundaries of what is possible, you may be perfect for the program. If you are flexible, adapt to working in new environments and approach your difference with others with open-minded curiosity, we would love to hear from you.

We recruit EWB Fellows two times per year. Recruited Fellows then travel to Sub-Saharan Africa in spring and autumn to work in placement with ventures. Fellows are hired as volunteers for one-year renewable contracts and are paid a stipend tied to the local cost of living; many choose to remain in positions with ventures beyond the timeframe of their initial placement.

The Fellowship program includes:

  • A three-week pre-departure leadership training program in Toronto
  • An orientation program upon arrival in placement country
  • Professional development retreats organized by EWB (typically held in July and November)
  • Comprehensive health, safety, and wellness support (including health insurance)
  • Direct management and coaching from ventures

As an EWB Fellow, you’ll work on meaningful projects within long-term, systemic change strategies. Your learning, input, and action will directly influence the direction and successes of our African ventures.

You’ll have the flexibility to work with manager to modify your job description as you learn what works in the role, while integrating into a local community and beginning to understand the culture. You will also bring strategic systems thinking skills, humility, and a willingness to learn. In turn, you’ll receive dedicated and focused personal and professional development coaching.

Our Fellows are recruited from a variety of technical, professional and educational backgrounds, but they are all united in their high caliber and ongoing dedication to achieve a better world.

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