Management Team

The Management Team is responsible for the overall success of EWB. It consists of our CEO and senior managers.

The Management Team is accountable for determining the vision, culture and strategy of our organizations, and for appointing the right people in the right roles.

  • CEO

    • Connected with EWB in 2003 as a volunteer and chapter president.
    • Led an EWB team in rural Burkina Faso to support the adaptive capacity of regional and national farmer organizations in 2007.
    • Joined EWB Canada’s Toronto-based executive team as Vice President of Strategy and Investment in 2011.
    • CEO since 2014, dedicated to bringing EWB’s impact model to a global scale.
    • Holds a PhD in engineering and a Graduate Diploma in Social Innovation.
  • VP Operations & Integration

    • 7 years of experience working and living in sub-Saharan Africa
    • Serial social entrepreneur, passionate about addressing development challenges through sustainable business models
    • Co-founder of Anza, the only social business accelerator in Tanzania
    • Holds an MBA in International Healthcare Management from the University of Aberdeen
  • Director of Community

    • Leads EWB’s global programs on community, policy and advocacy
    • Has a held multiple leadership roles in youth-led organizations, and has a decade of experience working at the United Nations as a global expert on youth participation and leadership.
    • Has a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from Columbia University, New York, and a law degree (BSL.LLB) from the ILS Law College at the University of Pune, India
  • Director, Human Resources & Finance

  • Associate Director, Communications

    • Nearly a decade of global marketing and communications experience in both the public and private sector to create and deliver consumer-centric communication for brand building and community engagement.
    • Motivated to help brands live more purposefully and intentionally to create positive change.
    • Launched brand marketing company to enable startups and social enterprises with effective branding and meaningful communication tools and knowledge to scale their impact.
  • Director, Fellowships

    • Leads EWB’s Fellowships programs in Canada and sub-Saharan Africa. Provides strategic leadership ensuring EWB’s Fellowships contribute to our mission and Theory of Change while integrating adequate support systems and new partner development.
    • Brings experience from a range of leadership roles in the private and public sectors working in France, Singapore, Qatar, and most recently as an Economic Development Advisor for the U.S. Department of State based in Mexico City.
    • Former capacity building volunteer in Arusha, Tanzania and the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. Passionate about sustainability as a driver of economic growth.
    • Holds a Masters (ALM) in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard University and a Masters (MSc) in Economic Development (MS) from Boston University.
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