Staff profiles

Staff Profiles

We believe in the power of individuals to change the world. We give our team members the time, space, and resources to imagine, develop and refine their ideas.

Although our team is spread across the globe, they work tirelessly to learn and grow and transform how people think, and how things are done. Below are the people who happen to work for us full-time, but they are only part of what makes us great.

Management Team

The Leadership Team is accountable for the overall success of EWB, and consists of EWB’s CEO and senior management. They are accountable for decisions on the vision, culture and strategy of EWB as a whole, and for having the right people set up for success in the right roles.

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The Investment team is charged with sourcing, reviewing, structuring and making investments in ventures that are well-aligned with EWB’s mission.

They are also responsible for partnering with these select ventures to help them grow and access later-stage capital. In turn, this fuels ventures’ pursuit to achieve scale and positively impact the lives of millions.

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The core purpose of the community team is to build and foster a resilient, adaptive, and healthy community of people and engagement structures to fuel the EWB vision.

We do this by supporting community members to become Systems Change Leaders. Our community members work towards impact aligned with EWB’s vision and mission, provide a stellar talent pipeline for EWB and the sector, and help sustain our organization as the heart of EWB.

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The Fellowships team works as a key conduit for our organization, coordinating, engaging and assisting the fellows who support our work in Canada, Sub-Saharan Africa and around the world.

The team recruits and trains fellows. Whether they come from our university chapters, the professional world, or from our African partners, the team works to ensure every fellow enjoys a successful and impactful placement with our ventures.

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The finance team manage all finances for the entire organization, tracking and accounting for all donations, expenditures and internally auditing all transactions.

Beyond the national office, the finance team provide chapters with assistance in regard to their ongoing record keeping and budgeting. The finance team also track venture budgets and use the overall EWB budget to create financial audit statements for each quarter and year.

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Policy & Advocacy

For over eight years, the policy and advocacy team has led EWB’s community of passionate and highly skilled advocates in challenging Canada to become a better global citizen.

Throughout that time, the team has helped tens of thousands of Canadians increase their knowledge of global issues and develop the skills to effectively express their values to elected representatives to seek impactful policy change.

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Partnerships & Communications

The Partnerships and Communications team share and showcase EWB’s voice.

The team works in collaboration with longtime and new EWB stakeholders and supporters, to inspire our community of passionate individuals and organizations to contribute to helping EWB reach its potential.

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The Operations team develops the organization’s strategy and sets teams up to meet their annual targets.

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